The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Review

The Hamilton Beach machine is a versatile coffee maker designed to fit into any lifestyle. It is a flexible two-way brewer that offers convenience and user-friendly features. When buying the rancilio espresso machine for instance, it is critical to consider the pro and contras of the rancilio silvia espresso machine. The machine can b e used to brew a single cup or a full pot of coffee without affecting its performance.



The machine includes programmable functions that allow you prepare your favorite drink with little supervision.kjplkmmbbvvvx Users get to enjoy simple preset operation that allows them to concentrate on other tasks as their coffee brews.

It has a selectable brew strength function to suit the tastes of different users. One can choose to brew regular or bold coffee as per their wishes.

FlexBrew includes an automated shut-off feature that ensures safety. In the case that you forget to turn off the coffeemaker, it will do so by itself 2 hours later.

Two-Way brew system allows you to prepare a single cup of coffee when in a hurry, and a 12-cup capacity full pot when you have guests. For flexibility, the machine can accommodate up to a 14 Oz travel mug. It includes a reusable filter for single serve option.

The machine is designed to start brewing immediately. You do not have to let it warm up; once it is turned on it starts to brew instantly.


  • The best thing about the FlexBrew Coffeemaker is that it can be used to brew K-Cup packs and comes with different brew options to suit user taste.
  • It also has some programmable features that make brewing coffee an automatic and simple task.
  • The construction is of superior quality consisting of durable stainless steel. The compact design is also convenient for small spaces.
  • Its operation is not quiet, but the noise is tolerable and not as loud as in other machines.
  • The FlexBrew is very versatile. It can brew a pot of coffee, ground coffee for single-serve and K-Cup coffee. The adjustable strength is also very handy.
  • It is simple and easy to use.


  • The water reservoir is not detachable which does cleaning and refilling quite tricky. It is, however, transparent to let you see the level of water in the machine.
  • One can only brew single serve if there is just the right amount for a single serve. This is inconveniencing as it means when there is more water in the tank, you have to pour it out first.

Final thoughts

kjkjkkjjkjkjkjqqwwThe Hamilton FlexBrew is a good coffee machine for seasonal coffee drinkers that want the convenience of a single-serve and full pot coffeemaker in one.

It has plenty of useful features, is well built and although its performance is not that great, it still does the job better than many other competing brands and models.…

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