Gun Control

Some Good Reasons Against Gun Control (2)

Some Good Reasons Against Gun Control

Gun laws may sound like a good idea but they may not be the best in curbing crime. Below are some good reasons against gun control.

1. Self-defense

A gun is one of the most effective tool of self-defense. Most criminals use whatever means necessary to accomplish their intentions. An armed civilian would be better of in defending him/herself than one who is unarmed.

2. Gun Control mostly targets rifles

Long rifles are rarely used in crimes. They are commonly used by sportsmen and hunters. Restricting their licensing would require such people to change their way of life.

3. Armed citizens help to fight crime

Criminals are often arrested by civilians when they try to commit a crime unaware that there is an armed civilian around. This has been evident in cases where criminals have attempted to rob stores whose attendants are armed.

4. Prohibition of guns has not successfully reduced crime

A country like Russia where handguns are prohibited has experienced more murder cases than Norway, where more than 30% of households own licensed firearms. A reduction in crime has also been noted in the United States since 2004 when the ban on federal assault rifles was lifted.

5. It would be difficult to implement the laws fairly

A country like USA has about 300million guns. Even though law abiding citizens would honor gun laws, criminals would still have a way to obtain a gun. This would indeed be detrimental to peace in the nation since good citizens would be more exposed to crime as they would be more defenseless.

6. Implementation of gun laws is likely to cause interference with others freedoms

If the law is implemented, it could pave way for amendment of other constitutional clauses involving rights and freedoms. This would negatively affect the lives of the citizens.

7. Shooters on rampage normally target unarmed people

Criminals with the intention to kill masses target soft targets like schools and churches where they expect least resistance. Disarming civilians would make them even more vulnerable.

8. Most shooting crimes are perpetrated by mentally disturbed individuals

Most rampage shooters are confirmed to be individuals with psychological problems. It would therefore be unfair to deny other right-minded citizens the right to own guns because of a small percentage of the populace. It would be more reasonable for the government to deal with psychological needs of the citizens.

Some Good Reasons Against Gun Control (1)

9. Gun laws cannot stop criminals from acquiring guns

Restriction of guns is likely to lead to the rise of firearm smugglers. This is because the demand for guns would still be there no legalised supply. These cartels would turn out to be very violent in order to thrive which would raise the level of crime.

10. Shooters do not necessarily own guns

Guns that are used in crime are sometimes hired or stolen. This means that even if people are denied access to guns, determined criminals would still have a way to access one.

11. Guns are not the only weapons that criminals use

Criminals have perpetrated crime using other kinds of weapons knives and clubs. Disarming civilians would not be enough if other options still existed.