The cost of spray foam insulation


Homeowners usually have a hustle when it comes to choosing the best type of insulation. It is important to make its decision during construction to save on future costs. Traditionally people preferred the fiberglass installation during construction. The current option for insulation is the spray foam insulation. The alternative spray form comes with many advantages as it can be sprayed into wall cavities or the roof during construction. As many people are opting for this option, many people often wonder how much it costs

Cost of spray foam insulation

ghghhghghghghgghghgAs with many other modern options in construction, people can only be certain about one thing. It the price of most modern alternatives in construction is slightly higher than the traditional methods. With the needs of changing every day, and the quality of products improving the increase in price is probably fair. If you are wondering how much spray foam insulation costs, the answer is probably four times or three times the costs of fiberglass installation. The bitter is that it is that expensive, but the good thing is that it comes with many advantages over the traditional method.

Advantages of spray foam insulation

With the cost that high something good must come out of the spray foam insulation. The good news is that it never fails to disappoint anyone. Unlike the traditional fiberglass insulation, spray foam offers a continuous air barrier to your building. With this option, you are guaranteed to witness a return on investment within a few years of use. It is also a worthy option if you need to save on cooling and heating bills.

What affects the price of spray foam insulation?

Though the cost of spray foam insulation is high, there are other factors which may make the installation a little bit cheap. The factors will vary according to your needs and the choice of spray foam. However, the following are factors that will determine the cost of spray foam insulation in your construction.

The amount of labor

The amount of spray foam required

Needs of the building


Geographic region and the climate

The type of foam you will choose. For instance open cell vs. close cell.

The board footage


hjjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjModern construction might seem a little expensive, but it has better returns than the traditional ways. When it comes to saving future maintenance costs, the spray foam insulation is the best option. Many companies offer spray foam insulation. In considering cost, you should also consider such companies.…

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