Choosing the Right Cleat for your Boat

For those of us who have boats, we need to tie them up. Dock and boat cleats offer convenient locations that you can use to secure lines easily and quickly. There are many varieties of cleats that you can use to improve your boat’s hardware. When choosing boat cleats, you need to understand its features and its purpose.

Right cleat for your boat

1. Boat cleat material

Boat cleats are made from a variety of materials. A boat cleat couldgffgdgdffgdd be made of nylon, wood, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. The choice of the boat cleat material is based on the purpose of the cleat. Steel cleats are appropriate for main bows and dock lines as they are very strong.

Steel cleats made of real steel are more durable. Lower quality alloys pit and rust over time. Real steel cleats should be used in making pop-up cleats.

2. Size and placement

Your dock line may be big or small. Regardless of its size, you should buy a cleat that is in line with the size of your boat. Working with undersize cleats can make unsafe tie-ups and give less convenience.

You should, therefore, choose the size of cleat depending on the size of line you use. The size of the line should depend on the size of your boat. The placement location of the cleat should also be considered. In normal circumstances, cleats are placed at equal intervals along the starboard of your boat and the port.

3. The type of cleat you want

There are many times of boat cleats. Such include the dock, deck, jam, portable, cam, flip-up, pull-up, pop-up, solar light, and Samson post cleats. These cleats are used to secure similar or different lines. Depending on the type of cleat you want, there is a variety to choose from.

Pop-up cleats also referred to as safety cleats, are the most common. They prevent injuries that may arise from tipping over.

4. Provide dfgdfgdgdfor lifting

Maybe you plan to be lifting your boat by its cleat. Then you should a cleat designated for the purpose; manufacturers provide such cleats as lifting models.

You should weigh the above points when choosing boat cleats. Always remember to use boat cleats that are tough for their intended load. Also, tie them the right way and do not forger that more is better and bigger is better; get many, larger cleats.…

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