Tips On Choosing The Best Digital Electric Torque Wrenches


Choosing the best digital electric torque wrenches can be a challenging task. The principle of the digital torque wrenches is similar to the click-type wrenches. Nonetheless, the digital wrenches deliver a beeping sound, rather than clicking. Once you get the correct torque, the electronic torque wrench will give a digital reading and an audible notification. Some have extra features that help them deliver the best working time. That is why it is advised to find the right electronic torque wrench.

Choosing the best digital electric torque wrenches: Factors to consider

• Accuracy

ssi7sajhsaasYou will need to consider the accuracy of the digital torque wrench. Ideally, choose one with an accuracy of at least 5%. Most of them are sold with a calibration certificate that states the accuracy and date. A good torque wrench should be recalibrated according to the maintenance schedule of the manufacturer. This helps to maintain the initial factory accuracy.

• The warranty

Other than the accuracy of the digital torque wrench, you should also consider the manufacturer’s warranty. A reliable wrench should be equipped with at least a year-long warranty. Some manufacturers offer a warranty longer than one year, but a torque wrench warranty that lasts for 12 months is reliable enough.

• Construction/Material

The next feature you will need to consider when choosing the best digital electric torque wrenches is the material used. Most of the cheap torque wrenches are made of plastic, which is not tough enough. The best material to choose is metal, which can withstand the harsh environment and serve you for a long time.

• The ratcheting

You should mind the ratcheting of the wrench, especially for convenience. The electronic torque wrench should have a bi-directional ratcheting. This makes it convenient if the fasteners have both the left-hand and right-hand threads.

• The grip

The wrench is handheld, so you must highly consider its grip. The tool should have a comfortable grip, and it should not slip off your hand even when you hand is covered in fluid. Ensure you test the grip before you decide to purchase the tool.

• Storage

How is the tool stored? Is the case hard enough to withstand harsh conditions? Make sure that the case is hard enough to protect your tool at all times, especially when you store it.

sdsdjhssasaEnsure that you find the right digital torque wrench for an easy working time. Other than the features mentioned, you should also consider the brand or the manufacturer of the specific wrench. Since it is an electronic tool, ensure that the readout is audible enough for easy measurement taking.

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